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Arcade announcements:
Welcome to the Hawaii Talks Arcade! Please ensure that you checked the "Remember Me" box when you logged in to Hawaii Talks. Otherwise, your score may not be submitted.

Please Post COMMENTS! It makes the arcade better for everyone! Brag, Boast, or Complain about your lack of skills! It makes it so much more fun!

Premium Members have access to larger, server intensive games! WARNING: PM games require high-end PCs and a broadband connection to play!
They will also take longer to load due to their size!

NOTE! Games marked with a - NS- after the title are considered Non-Scorable! They are only included because they are great games that are fun to waste some time with!

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with a score of 2219
Newest Champions 
Hee_Haw is the new Halfpipe Hero champion! 10-27-2018
chicodog is the new Gunny Bunny champion! 07-21-2015
chicodog is the new F16 Fighter Pilot champion! 07-21-2015
chicodog is the new 123 GO champion! 07-21-2015
chicodog is the new Super Kicks! champion! 07-21-2015
Latest Arcade Score 
Hee_Haw Scored 1655 points playing Assault Paintball
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