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  1. Smilies!
  2. Avatars & Signatures! - April 27, 2007 - Updated!
  3. Use the Calendar feature!
  4. Using the Mood options.
  5. Forum too big? Make it smaller!
  6. Introducing HT Chat! Real Time Chat for all of our registered users!
  7. Spamming the boards is not advised!
  8. Introducing a new board feature! MySpace Connectivity!
  9. Login Errors or Problems - Solution and some help.
  10. Server Slowdown Problems should be fixed.
  11. Search Errors - We're aware of the problem. Fixed.
  12. One final reload - Sorry for the inconveniance. Upgrading FlashChat as well.
  13. FlashChat has been updated!
  14. Custom User Titles should now be a valid option!
  15. You might start noticing some changes on the website...
  16. Hawaii Talks MySpace Group - If you're not a member, join today!
  17. We have updated the CAPTCHA system...easy registration is back!
  18. Trying to register but getting stuck? It might be our NoSpam Verification!
  19. Just how fast is your ride? Post your timeslip in HT's new Timeslip Database!
  20. iTrader: Provide feedback on buyers, sellers and traders within our Classifieds.
  21. XBOX Live Gamertags and Wii Friend Codes!
  22. I'm deleting/moving some forums...
  23. HT MySpace Customized Profiles
  24. Added a new menu to the UserCP Navbar...
  25. If your avatar dissappeared in your profile...
  26. Post Google & YouTube Videos using BB Codes!
  27. Fixed: Custom User Titles and the ability to post comments.
  28. You may notice some weird things under my postbit...like Usergroup photos.
  29. Styles? Check out the new and different styles to customize HT's look!
  30. If you'd like to participate in Adult Discussion, click here!
  31. Hawaii Talks Donations Page is now up and functioning!
  32. Hawaii Talks has become bigger and better and because of that...Server Upgrade!
  33. Forgot your password? Reset it it with your Secret Question!
  34. To help with moderation: Warning & Ban System. MEMBERS MUST READ!
  35. New! HT Recipe Section! Post your favorite recipes, with thread thumbnails!
  36. Spotlight Board Feature of the Month: HT Journals, a blog for our members!
  37. Spotlight Board Feature of the Month: HT Journals! Announcing the winner!
  38. Welcome to HT's new Updates & Tutorials Section!
  39. Tired of looking at all those avatars, sigs, or images that are too big? Look here!
  40. New Feature: Photo Pop-up! Easily insert photos from your gallery!
  41. Signature Rules Update! Please read...no external hotlinking!
  42. Er...small problem in the Recipe Section. I had to wipe it clean...
  43. Regarding harassment within PMs or threats...
  44. Fixed: Error in Postbit.
  45. Name Changes & Other Requests.
  46. Become a Premium Member! Additional Perks & Exclusive Membership! Help Support HT!
  47. Spotlight Board Feature of the Month: About Today!
  48. Spotlight Board Feature of the Month: HT Classifieds! A new system!
  49. New Template Edit: Search For Similar Topics?
  50. New Deviant Art for your Additional Info box.
  51. Pick your Favorite Smilies!
  52. Re-enabled the display of your Reputation within the Additional Info box.
  53. New Premium Member Games Section
  54. Spotlight Board Feature of the Month: The new ISystem: ICash, IShop, and IBank!
  55. Texas Hold'Em Beta Testing: See here for more information.
  56. Official HT Poker Night - Every Wednseday, starting at 7PM. 10 players max at a time!
  57. Points Payout Scale
  58. New Perk for Premium Members: Premium Member Discussion
  59. New Feature: Radio and TV!
  60. Introducing: HT Garage! Show off your ride in style!
  61. Fixed: Tons of misc problems...
  62. Just as a heads up...because I busted my azz doing it.
  63. Updated User CP & Reorganized it.
  64. Uninstalled: HT Stock Trader
  65. Introducing: HT Fitness Club! Motivate yourself and others to stay in shape!
  66. New Feature for Premium Members! Living Avatars!
  67. Removed Group Images in Postbits for the time being.
  68. Creating an Avatar Pack for Living Avatars (plus creating single items)
  69. Google Ads updated...Premium Members should see no ads.
  70. Upgraded Flash Chat to v.4.8.3 BETA! Please post here if you have problems!
  71. Implemented conditional for Sponsor Banners.
  72. Did some tweaking...should notice a small speed increase.
  73. Added Advanced Statistics...check it out.
  74. New Features added, New perks for Premium Members (Photobucket/Imageshack)
  75. Updated Living Avatars - Can now delete items.
  76. Announcing a huge improvement over the current HT Garage!
  77. Bug in UserCP fixed...
  78. Added PM Ad-Free Style to Style Manager
  79. FAQ Updated: Adult Discussion
  80. In order to speed-up PM Ad-Free, the rotating banner is removed.
  81. Flashchat: Fixed an error that was preventing auto-login. Increased Max Users.
  82. Added vBulletin Default Style...
  83. Updated & Available Again: Sunburst Style
  84. Added Carbon Flare Style
  85. Updated Journal Templates for better readability & a slightly new look.
  86. Completed upgrade! Please report all broken links, errors, etc. here!
  87. Added Mobile Style links to homepage plus corrected headers & footers on all styles
  88. Added Tapatalk Support
  89. Added new KRP Style!