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  1. Formerly in the Navy
  2. Pix for WWII buffs
  3. 3 Hawaii-based Marines killed on duty in Iraq.
  4. today was a sad day for me.
  5. Lawmaker says Marines killed Iraqis 'in cold blood'
  6. DoD civillian job
  7. Really cool story on CNN today.
  8. Marines cleared of misconduct in killings.
  9. Okinawa's Military
  10. Looks like Al-Zarqawi is dead.
  11. What do you think of this? Officer says he won’t fight in ‘unlawful’ Iraq war.
  12. Israel kicking some booty.
  13. Women that have given the ultimate sacrifice...
  14. Canadian Troops battle 10 foot marijuana plants
  15. Navy SEAL falls on grenade to save comrades
  16. After his death, Sgt. Mock's words mean even more...
  17. people joining the army
  18. Video of US Friendly Fire Incident in 2003.
  19. F22 Raptors at Hickam
  20. Forced to battle the system at Walter Reed: A in-depth article and a must read.
  21. An amazingly well written article: I Miss Iraq. I Miss My Gun. I Miss My War.
  22. USS Ronald Reagan
  23. Blue Angels or Thunderbirds?
  24. Religion!
  25. Random facts about religion
  26. Ghosts and hauntings?
  27. Anyone BCT at Fort Jackson?
  28. Predjudice? Racist? Stereotypist?
  29. Moving to the island........
  30. After reading this article...what do you think the US should do regarding Iraq?
  31. Why is the US the only nation to have big bases outside its borders?
  32. anyone go to ft leonard wood missouri?
  33. a photojournal of bravery
  34. When terrorists start attacking US again...
  35. When people say they hate Bush it makes me want to puch them in the face
  36. Tactics?
  37. Faith & War in 90 Seconds
  38. Todays news... (DUI)
  39. Aloha to the SF...
  40. Cheney and Obama are related!
  41. The Hotness out of Pakistan!
  42. Take the Star Bulletin Super Ferry Poll! Support the SF!
  43. Email from Rep. Tokioka with my response to him. Is my response valid?
  44. Politics 'n Voting
  45. Dems forget the past, hope you will too... (SF Issue)
  46. Universal Healthcare = Death to America
  47. I'm Jon Karamatsu...I drink and drive...vote for me...:D
  48. FEMA gives fake news briefings?
  49. US Diplomats Whining
  50. Guys CAN'T be prostitutes?
  51. The Atheist
  52. Muted Success in Iraq: A good read.
  53. Giant Classes are here to stay.
  54. What to do @ Ft. Leonardwood
  55. PSI cult...wtf?
  56. The Morons of the Democratic Party of HI
  57. Huckabee for President
  58. The Elephant and the Donkey
  59. Straw Poll: Vote here!
  60. u gotta be kidding me? they waste time discussing plastic bags?
  61. aurite Huckabee! ^_^
  62. funny pictures
  63. The ant and the grasshopper...
  64. Happy New Year!
  65. How Hilary will solve the national debt
  66. Beware Obama...beware.
  67. Why I hate Democrats
  68. Adam Gadahan "Pearlman"
  69. VIDEO: Iranian attack boats
  70. Hillary on Gun Control...
  71. Why Democrats dont know jack about the economy
  72. Why National Healthcare wont work...look at Hawaii
  73. Pakistan says we suck.
  74. What Bill is really thinking...
  75. Sound of Silence
  76. My new hero!
  77. Fiscal Spending
  78. Oil Industry make stupid comments in New Orleans
  79. Oh Hillary, you fu*ked up again!
  80. The Bank of Alba
  81. New iProducts
  82. McCain Surprise!
  83. Presidential Bickering...I mean Debates!!!
  84. Osama bin Laden where is he?
  85. Chelsea Clinton is being pimped out by Momma
  86. FBI - Infraguard Shoot to KILL
  87. We need John Mclane
  88. Religion Discussion
  89. Texas vote for Hillary...drop Obama!
  90. Discussion & Poll. Legalized Abortion.
  91. Getting Involved
  92. Is Obama faking it?
  93. Did Barack call you yet?
  94. Question about today's caucus
  95. Gotta love the retarded Obama logic.
  96. Do people really get mad at me for lambasting Democrats?
  97. A more "informed" discussion on UHC Universal Healthcare
  98. People taking (insert religious text here) literally
  99. Discussion: Kurdistan...with they ever make a new nation?
  100. Columbia vs. Venezuela
  101. When can we kill terrorists?
  102. come on Clinton...anything he can you can do better...
  103. Obama = Higher Taxes
  104. The Power Combo = McCain + Powell
  106. Dems are finished
  107. We should abolish social security
  108. Freaking Communists....
  109. Chavez the dumb liar...
  110. Is UH that stupid? 500 ppl get paid more than the governor yet they are this stupid?
  111. They could have abolished AMT...but they didnt...such a sad day
  112. Medical Malpractice? Limit the Liability?
  113. The new way to ensure voting is done correctly
  114. Damn East Coast Politicians
  115. Wright or Wrong?
  116. For all you conspiracy nutjobs
  117. Evil Communist China
  118. The $ 16 million dollar question for HI Tax
  119. How simple economics of price solves alot of problems
  120. How China solves inflation...ha ha ha
  121. Govt salaries going up, up, up.
  122. What is NAFTA?
  123. Privatizing Govt.
  124. OHA complains about an audit? ha ha...whatevers.
  125. If N.Korea gives crap...give them crap.
  126. top 10 things McCain said while you weren't looking
  127. How to hide $ 600 billion dollars?
  128. The Govt may take on the mortgage debt....
  129. 3 Reasons to Welcome a Recession
  130. Howard Dean said it best.
  131. Politics Explained
  132. Why do people think that...
  133. Hey Brother, can you spare some change?
  134. Billary still has a chance
  135. Isn't this how Wars Start?
  136. more chirstian advise..
  137. VA Specialist
  138. Jack Thompson at it already...
  139. Holiday Gas Tax
  140. First I copy it, then I file it, then we burn it.
  141. Howard Kam. Mayor of Honolulu 2010.
  142. If a 19 year old can be mayor, so can I.
  143. Please Pres. Bush, Leave Now!!!
  144. Kansas Church Group protests in Hawaii
  145. Marines Track Metal Theft Guerrillas In Desert
  146. U.S. Congresswoman Walks Away From Mortgage
  147. F**king Communists mad about Indiana Jones? F**K YOU!
  148. DEBATE: Gun Control
  149. Memorial Day. Moment of memory & silence.
  150. Osama Bin Laden the Greatest Armchair General...
  151. DEBATE: Closed Circuit Camera's
  152. Howard Kam......for City Council?
  153. Obama = Ellesworth Toohey
  154. Calling someone a dumshiat or a fry-cook is NOT A DEBATE!
  155. Your careers under the Kam administration
  156. Read
  157. I'm gonna rage!!!! At F**KING DUMBS**T MYANMAR!
  158. Why Chronic hates Communism/Socialism/Marxism
  159. A glimpse at how Obama really came to power.
  160. the pussification of HT discussion
  161. gun control part 2
  162. Down to the wire.....Clinton vs Obama
  163. lulz @ Rod Tam
  164. Dumb Democrat Economic Plans
  165. F**K democrats....long live Republican Party!
  166. Experience in the senate.. something to think about
  167. Lingle for VP???
  168. JugglinMunkey's Person of The Week - June Week 1
  169. Hawaiian militia?
  170. This is how you know Communists are stupid.
  171. Obama wants higher social security tax limits...stupid...baka...baka.
  172. Obama....the early years.
  173. What is the most important issue today?
  174. The Jihad Candidate...
  175. Obama's rejecting the public funding system
  176. McCain: Is it just me or...
  177. more ways to save gas!
  178. DC Gun Ban Struck Down; Supreme Court Rules for 2nd Amendment
  179. The woman Al Gore beat for the Nobel Peace Prize...
  180. F**K you Robert Mugube
  181. About the Obama birth certificate controversy.
  182. Politicians are stupid...just tax gas. Problem solved.
  183. racist???
  184. Barack Obama: the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the American people
  185. regarding the presidential race
  186. Whats going on in Columbia?
  187. Honolulu Mayoral Race
  188. Ha ha ha ha...communists...so dumb...ha ha ha
  189. Revamped GIBill, FTW !!
  190. a eye opener
  191. Obama
  192. The Worlds most Worthless Money.
  193. Farewell to an American. Tony Snow.
  194. John McCain: the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the American people
  195. which would you have picked...
  196. which would you have picked...
  197. Democrats retarded $50 billion plan
  198. Arse Backward Republicans!!!
  199. ohhh boy... where are my Kamehameha peeps at?
  200. intresting vid(Religous)
  201. Now this is how it should be like in 2008
  202. Chronic serious talk...no jokes (Straight out of Baghdad)
  203. This just angers me....at inept govts.
  204. My heart goes to Myanmar...but not a dime.
  205. PTSD
  206. The Princess' Will
  207. Haha, not so lucky after all...
  208. And then it hit me...
  209. GOP stands for...
  210. Death of Communism
  211. ...and a wake up
  212. Spongebob Says it all for the GOP :D
  213. Communists Heros on a Quiz Show
  214. Spin Spin Sugar
  215. Obama's Prayer "Leaked"
  216. the rail thread
  217. HT Chronic's Worship of All Things Republican!
  218. GM's problem
  219. this is the biggest load of crap ever..
  220. 6.55 hr!?!
  221. take on Baimun?
  222. something to think about
  223. Blackwater stole my Pakalolo!!
  224. For JDMhookup
  225. Less taxes = financial recovery
  226. Do you think Osama would have sent only 4 planes?
  227. Venezuela get ready for hell as oil prices drop and inflation keeps going up..
  228. Obama in Hawaii
  229. John Edwards and his extramarital affair
  230. The fighting between Russia & Georgia
  231. World Record: Biggest Hug!
  232. Israel has been arming Georgia against Russia
  233. How War should be started and finished.
  234. Philosophy
  235. Obama wants to be Robbing Hood
  236. How the Georgian-Russian War really happened
  237. Barack Hussein Obama's half brother in Kenya
  238. Opinions on the Honolulu Mayor Candidates...anyone?
  239. Which candidate sides most with you? TAKE THE QUIZ?
  240. Remember that thread about the A-bombs?
  241. Obama picks Joe Biden, WWWWWWTTTFF??
  242. Meeting with Anne Kobayashi...
  243. Wow...the Democratic National Convention looks like an awards show...
  244. Yeah price controls....this is what happens.
  245. Need some help...opinion. Hawaiian Sovereign Nation.
  246. After tonight's speech by Barack....
  247. McCain picks....who???
  248. If we taxed every American $1500
  249. Lets divide this country into two already!
  250. change