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  1. Want to become a Site Sponsor? Or just want to advertise your business?
  2. Be afwaid...be vewy afwaid...
  3. The end of the world is nigh...TRANSFORMERS!
  4. New chAIR FORCE Ribbons released...
  5. Minority Report...here we come!
  6. What board doesn't have Chuck Norris? Answer: It isn't a board without Chuck Norris.
  7. Wow...just doesn't seem to describe it.
  8. Adorably cute...makes me wanna puke.
  9. Anybody wanna mullet?
  10. What the heck...my just turned 16 year old nephew....
  11. gremlins
  12. Thanks Everyone
  13. What the fawk did the US have to do with the cartoons?
  14. Eating mixed plate with a fork...
  15. Wrestling team gets teh owned.
  16. Does anyone else feel slightly threatened by the Dubai Port deal?
  17. Lady loses control of SUV...arm found holding a cell phone.
  18. Woah...it don't just happen in the movies. 43mi bank Heist!
  19. Sloganize your name....
  20. Wow...don't hear stuff like this often....teh Amish!
  21. I suppose this guy couldn't have gotten off with a warning...
  22. Holy crap...38 guests?
  23. Don Knotts, dead at 81. I'll miss him.
  24. Darren McGavin...the father from A Christmas Story has died as well.
  25. If Microsoft designed the iPOD.
  26. Does anyone have a high quality digital camera I can borrow?
  27. YEEEEEEHAWWWWW....Get along little kitties!
  28. More know Simpsons than Constitution...
  29. Google Earth is the shiznit...
  30. Damnable Civics!
  31. This is how they grow pot up in that thar Tenn. State...
  32. Real Life Simpsons intro...
  33. Taking one for the team...
  34. Hate your job? If you don't...you will once you see this:
  35. Dana Reeves died....Christopher Reeve's wife.
  36. Freaky...Quadruped Humans Discovered.
  37. Damn...Children terrified as python eats boy!
  38. Saturn has got water on it...yepz...sureee does.
  39. Hawaii Talks hits a 100-peep milestone!
  40. I bet this really steams Osama bin Laden...
  41. I think I'm addicted to smileys...
  42. Jeezus...did someone murder someone in Kalihi?
  43. HPU?
  44. Ya know what? I'm glad I don't live in Iraq...
  45. You thought Google Earth was cool? How about Google Mars!
  46. Miss Deaf Texas....ran over by train.
  47. Wow..."Press Your Luck" host Peter Tomarken killed in plane crash...
  48. Our prayers are with those affected by the dam burst on Kauai
  49. Huge Aircraft (Antonov AN-124)
  50. I think I'm addicted to my Journal.
  51. Possibly the scariest flash I've ever seen...
  52. A quick rant
  53. US goes on massive air assault in Iraq
  54. Is it just me...or is this slightly counterproductive...
  55. A story...in Signage.
  56. Okay...this is just plain cool. A robot that picks up patients...
  57. i find myself...
  58. Make a story with TEH smilies
  59. Did anyone hear a loud explosion or sound in Kalihi around Midnight?
  60. my avatar owns.
  61. BWHWHAHAAH! Teh funney!
  62. Kitty falls 80ft! And lives! Check out the Vid...
  63. What's the point of paying for 2-Day Air...
  64. Just what I need: more memory!
  65. Capitol Rally @ Hawaii State Capitol April 9th, 2006 11AM-1PM !!STILL ON!!!
  66. Rain.
  67. Ferocious Kitty locked up for good...
  68. The Importance of Legislative Bills SB1734 & HB994...A video for the new WCF.
  69. Picture this...
  70. Transformers! Pretty badazz video of OP transforming...
  71. Welcome to Hawaii Crochet Club! New and Improved!
  72. Anybody got any designs they want to share for a crochet racesuit?
  73. If WWII was an online real-time strategy game...
  74. HAHAHAHA...Drug Dealer goes on the rid of his life.
  75. Kanye West gets owned by Carlos Mencia...
  76. What resolution do you view these forums in?
  77. Wow...this picture says it all.
  78. Super Mario Meets Teh Matrix!
  79. Send in your support for HB994 & SB1734!!!
  80. There are some messed up people in the world...
  81. Too bad the boobs on this chica is better looking than the car...
  82. How many forum posters does it take to change a light bulb?
  83. URGENT - Time sensitive - We need YOUR HELP! Save the World Class Racing Facility!
  84. Congratulations to everyone that sent in their support for SB1743...an update!
  85. The vote for conference is Tuesday AT 8:30...change!
  86. Today's Advertiser article and info about the new world class racing facility.
  87. Man..this looked like it HURT!
  88. Fact Sheet On SB1734 SD2 HD1, Tax Incentive for the WCF.
  89. Ford Sucks! Titans RULE!
  90. Mahalo to everyone that supported the State Capitol Cruise!
  91. ハワイ・タークスにようこそ
  92. KITV News Article on the Capitol Cruise
  93. The bill for the WCF is now dead...thank you for your support.
  94. 200 Members.
  95. I gots me a moped!
  96. My Mini. :)
  97. *yawn*....Anybody alive?
  98. Absolutely hilarious if you haven't seen it...
  99. The Search for Schlock: William Shatner
  100. Seriously messed up...man traps neighbor's cat, then euthanizes it!
  101. High Tech Gas Solution...
  102. An honest question...does this photo make you want to puke in revulsion?
  103. What's up playa-playah!
  104. Hmmm...apartment complex pulls a fast one on Katrina victims?
  105. Unique exfoliation method (Japan)
  106. This is some seriously messed up stuff right here, security guard attacked!
  107. Incredible...Woman's Long-Term Memory Astonishes Scientists
  108. How to turn your Hamster into a fighting machine.
  109. Hahah! Power wheelin, baby!
  110. Hah!
  111. I noticed that sleepersinc turned 21, today!
  112. Wow...that's gotta hurt. Man gets 12 Nails to the head and lives.
  113. hi
  114. Japlish
  115. surprising meaning of tantlus
  116. So here I am...makin' a sammich...when all of a sudden.
  117. Yip Yip Yip Yip Yip Yip Yip
  118. Damn. What a shot to the face.
  119. The ugly dog competition.
  120. Hmm...woman accuses Kevin Costner of wacking off in front of her...true?
  121. Dumbest tattoo I've ever seen in my life.
  122. Gas prices are nutz!
  123. The "Illegal Alien Anthem". Extremely disrespectful in my eyes...
  124. The live acton sequel to Initial D?
  125. Breaking story over at CNN...
  126. So...you've got Aloha Iced Tea in your fridge.
  127. Channel 4's Gayometer Test...
  128. Joe Rogan vs. Westly Snipes
  129. Man...exonerated after 13 years in jail, gets run over.
  130. Midget kickboxiing...yeah...you heard that right.
  131. Stephen Colbert absolutely ROASTS George Bush.
  132. Microsoft's Home of the Future...
  133. Maybe old...but this chick is freakin' nuts.
  134. I'm installing a new mod for the board.
  135. Ghost Ride the Whip!
  136. New Balance Tennis shoes, and a M240 that doesn't work. Priceless.
  137. Niiiiice...judge tells Moussaoui "You'll die with a whimper".
  138. World's oldest person celebrates 128 years!
  139. Dude...I want a Romulan Warbird. Cloaking Devices proposed!
  140. Ouch. This guy weighs 1200 POUNDS!
  141. Blue Angels ride along.
  142. This is a couple months old, but cool...Nano-Smileys.
  143. The only reason I bought a Dell...really good reason.
  144. Reading The Da Vinci Code...
  145. Last U.S. Titanic survivor dies at 99.
  146. Pretty amazing Evolution timeline in Flash...
  147. So...does anyone have any suggestions so far on the forum?
  148. This is ghey...a new trend in the dirty south?
  149. 12 first and second graders sexually assault girl...so sad.
  150. Darth Vader vs The Japanese Police.
  151. Van Wilder Lives! Dude's still not graduated!
  152. Ewck...what's for lunch? Fried Phallus.
  153. Dane Cook - Teh funney.
  154. Teh Chick Express.
  155. Sooner or later...they find out. Priest convicted of murder 26 years later.
  156. Robot Chicken: Darth Vader Calls the Emp.
  157. Proof of God by way of banana.
  158. An oldie, but a goodie...Dukes of Hazzard, eat your heart out.
  159. OJ Simpson is a tard.
  160. This girl's parents should be shot. 12-yr old girl pregnant.
  161. Great Moments in Internet History #1
  162. Happy B-day to Chris Messer!
  163. Amazing and tragic at the same time....daughter found after kidnapping 30 years ago.
  164. Wow. The apt. building I live in has some crazy stuff going on all the time...
  165. When Anchorwomen do this...do they get fired? *WW for banner ads*
  166. Bear munches monkey...
  167. Mimi Miyagi for Governor!
  168. Haha...mistaken identity...the BBC screwed up.
  169. HRP Relocation Timeline, the push for Parcel 9 continues...a flash timeline.
  170. Got Wax?
  171. Videos of Pentagon Attack released...
  172. Woah. Oxygen in a can.
  173. To All Filipinos: Please take a look...you might save a life.
  174. What the heck? Does a Town have the right to tell me how to live?
  175. This looks like something straight outta Akira.
  176. Uh oh...they know! Employees surf non-work related web sites
  177. What posesses someone his age to record something like this?
  178. Burglar risks prison to expose alleged child molester. Incredible read.
  179. Lets get something straight..
  180. I think I've met this guy before...I just can't place his face.
  181. Help me in my efforts to support Relay For Life of Magic Island
  182. BTW.....
  183. I think Pat Robertson is starting to lose it...
  184. I say we should get a ring, and give them some boxing gloves...
  185. I come in the name of Jesus, @#$%! *WW for language*
  186. A genital reminder.
  187. Look at these Iraqi soldiers...man...what a waste of time and effort.
  188. Oh %@#$! It's Dr.Tran! *WW for language*
  189. The current search for Jimmy Hoffa
  190. I'm going back to college!
  191. 808Neongurl...I like yo monkey.
  192. Arcade
  193. The "runaway bride" is now single, anyone interested?
  194. Are lawyers from the same planet we're on?
  195. What's everyone's opinion on this? Native Hawaiians & Taro?
  196. Dude in his 20's knocks an old guy out...not cool.
  197. K-1's Ernesto Hoost on a Japanese Variety show...
  198. Iran eyes badges for Jews, Christians...the holocaust all over again?
  199. Looney Bin...what the heck is this?
  200. The miracles of Beer technology...
  201. Normally, I side on the side of the law, but in this case...
  202. G2G for Lushion's gig?
  203. OMFG...what a buncha sick freaks! Mom & Dad rape 1 day-old baby!
  204. The Lego Suicides
  205. Autopsy Q & A
  206. Some idiot(s)
  207. I don't know why.....
  208. This pic made me crack up!!!!
  209. its time for me to go!!!
  210. Jeez...Oil spill off of the coast of Oahu...
  211. Don't shoot the puppy
  212. Why I'd make a lousy mod for HT
  213. I made this....
  214. Guy sniffs powdered Wasabi...awesome.
  215. Man killed brother over piece of chicken...KFC should use this as advertising.
  216. The true geekiness of online roleplayers...Onyxia Wipe Flash. Teh Funney.
  217. If anyone starts any grammar threads here, you're getting the boot!
  218. Oh crap!!!!!!!!1
  219. Interesting read on co-sleeping...
  220. I think I'm going overboard
  221. The DaVader Code...
  222. How to do the Asian Squat....
  223. Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles!
  224. Hit Stop on your browser.
  225. HT's Smiley Story Contest
  226. What's going on at UH?
  227. HOLY SMOKES!!!!!
  228. Terrible Metal Band at a party for the mentall disabled.
  229. I like it here
  230. what the hell is a sand facial?
  231. Tsunami Coming...Oh NOEEEEEEES!!!
  232. What's better? Lasagna the first day, or the leftovers?
  233. Gonna snow in Waikiki! 9th circus court ruling
  234. Meet Kami...
  235. The official rank thread... *stankiness starts here*
  236. domestic disputes - getting involved?
  237. What...the hell? Don't click on MSN if you don't wanna know who won yet!
  238. Ratio of Male to Female on this forum!
  239. Where should I go
  240. Those guys at Enron are getting what's coming to them...
  241. Driver Has 18 Times Legal Alcohol Limit!
  242. 5-foot-1 man gets 10 years probation for sexual assault of a child. WTH?
  243. Wow...something crazy going on the highway again...
  244. Why do people.....
  245. meatball
  247. Worst Bar Drink Ever....
  248. 10 best movie car chases
  249. How does a wonderbra work?
  250. The differences between work and prison.