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  1. Mazda releases rotary engine that runs on gasoline or hydrogen...
  2. Awwww...SWWOOO CWWWWUTE! I'd drive one. If I could fit. *56k Watch Out!*
  3. The Hypersports FD3S is totalled.
  4. Honda Debuts Civic Si Sedan Concept in Windy City
  6. JDM Vs World All Stars!!!
  7. Good Evo Vid
  8. Woot! My rebuilt, street-ported 13B-REW is on it's way!
  9. Looking for a Great welder
  10. Introducing the new Porsche 911 GT3
  11. Holy crap...Ferrari Enzo races MBZ SLR and splits in half in Cali!
  12. VW Presents: Un-Pimp Your Ride.
  13. First Look: Honda Type R
  14. 603WHP & 440WHP FD3S Dyno Vid.
  15. Datsun 240Z Restoration...a must watch!
  16. An Oldie but a goodie...Formula racecar on a closed circuit mountain track.
  17. Another oldie...mixed in with a better song. Isuzu Gemini commercial...stunt driving!
  18. Top Gear's Future in doubt, VERY reminscent of our current track probs.
  19. Child Endangerment at the DSM forum...
  20. Coil Spring compressor
  21. HEMI-powered Challenger wins people's choice award at NAIAS 06...
  22. Top 10 Gayest Cars.
  23. 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 +250HP/280TQ, 0-60 in under 6 seconds.
  24. Steve Oliberos' Niztech S13 is the March 2006 TurboByGarrett GT Ride of the Month!
  25. 20+ BHP Power Resistor of Justice - GAIN BHP easily
  26. 4 teens die in fiery RX-8 car crash...
  27. Video of the Camaro Concept...
  28. RX-2 / RX-3 in Hawaii?
  29. Vid of GSX-R motor in Smart Car
  30. Your Old Cars
  31. Nostalgia for OMB (overseas military brats)
  32. Old Skylines
  33. KEWL! New tool:
  34. It has begun...the rebirth of teh FD.
  35. Beware the airport viaduct
  36. Mmm...Cobra...1100HP/1300TQ Cobra that is...
  37. Australian Grand Prix
  38. Port & Polish
  39. Lets do it! OMB natsukashi party
  40. What a rush! Ferrari goes 140 on the streets of Paris..
  41. WRC Group B
  42. Shipping Parts from Japan; Any advice???
  43. Interesting...Man Ticketed For Changing Red Lights To Green.
  44. No more Celicas
  45. Middle aged bosozoku in Japan
  46. No love for Euro?
  47. The VW crash commercials...
  48. Where to buy AN fittings locally?
  49. 1st Gen CRXs
  50. Silly Japanese Sayings
  51. Subaru sub-forum?
  52. Tires
  53. Tires
  54. So there I was in my turbo Beetle...
  55. 2007 Toyota Camry - For once...I'd consider buying one.
  56. Toyota LF-A Supercar to debut as pacecar for 2007 Japanese Grand Prix
  57. Sexy Cars Picture thread....
  58. Ouch...why an 18-yr. old should never drive anything with more than 200HP.
  59. Fifth Gear: Volvo vs BMW at 120mph - The Ultimate Crash Test
  60. Corvette Z06 - Some pretty kickazz videos...
  61. The 2007 Mazda CX-7
  62. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. This sucks. One reason not to park next to the track.
  63. you know you're a baller if
  64. Introducing...the Tweel. Hmm...I think this might be pretty old.
  65. LEGO Volvo XC90 Replica - Somebody has a helluva lotta time on his hands.
  66. Remember the german guy that smashed the Enzo on the highway? More info!
  67. Air Bag Light
  68. 1st Domestic Thread
  69. Mini vs MINI - Top Gear clip
  70. The new 2007 Subaru STi - Smooth around the edges?
  71. MX6 - RX-7 Song
  72. Twin Turbo PT Cruiser...
  73. Mmm....all the Top Gear and Final Gear episodes you could want!
  74. Honolulu 133rd safest city to drive in!
  75. what do you know about E10 gas?
  76. PICTURE THREAD! Post pics of your Nissan/Infiniti!
  77. British Car Day! (June 4th)
  78. The new 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder...
  79. PCHIH - Summer Cruise #1 - June 25th
  80. 2008 Dodge Viper spy shots.
  81. Top Gear PWNS the Ford Lightning. Oh...and US, too.
  82. 2007 Audi RS4 - Whaddya think?
  83. It has begun...no really, it has! The rebirth of my FD3S!!!
  84. IAT Sensor Mod
  85. Help!
  86. How to helicoil! A visual guide...sorta.
  87. If I were to sell my RX-7...it'd be in preparation for owning this:
  88. PCHIH - Summer Cruise #2 - July 30th
  89. mini gymkana
  90. Wow! The new Tesla Motors Roadster! 0-60 in 4 seconds...zero tailpipe emissions!
  91. I hope this is true: Spanish firm claims it can make oil from plankton!
  92. ohmahgawd!
  93. Check this out: Man buys truck from dealer for $8000, dealer takes it back next day!
  94. Yaris
  95. What's your favorite "attainable" car? Post pics!
  96. OMB stuff: BOSOZOKU Revisited
  97. Wish list.......
  98. Lambo Doors = Killah. *WW* for charred, burnt bodies.
  99. Tesla Roadster
  100. Koenigsegg CCX
  101. It parks itself.
  102. my new car, what do you think?
  103. Integra motor in a Civic
  104. Laguna Seca!
  105. PCHIH - Night Cruise - Sept 30th
  106. This is amazing...1000FPS drag race camera!
  107. The Canadian Evil Knievel - LOL.
  108. Holy crap, some people have no taste!
  109. Man, Ford just isn't doing that well.
  110. This guy is nuts. Probably seen it before, jet powered VW Beetle.
  111. Top Gear host, Richard Hammond in "critical condition" after 300MPH crash!
  112. Finished the RX-7...went to start it. No dice. No fuel or something.
  113. Yugo! Post your pics here......
  114. New Acura!
  115. Anyone have.....
  116. It's nice when the part that breaks...is only 2 bucks.
  117. The new Mini...
  118. ummm, yeah....
  119. Installing '06 Mirrors on a '05 Subaru Forester
  120. Workin' on the 4th Gen Camaro
  121. Rip Off!
  122. My new project.
  123. Are any of you into exotic cars?
  124. The most awesome VW Bus you've ever seen!
  125. Rx7 Tuning Ideas?
  126. any sugestion for tune up my 87's vette
  127. Pontiac Sunbird
  128. JDM car porn
  129. Congratulations to Hibino, D1 Street Legal Round 7 winner.
  130. This is ancient...but still cool...NSX to Ferrari.
  131. Now THIS...is what the new Celica should have been: 600HP AWD Celica GT-S
  132. Toys for tots cruz
  133. Mustang "Cobra"
  134. Injector capacity
  135. Anyone like STi's? I have one for my daily driver
  136. drift video
  137. KITV news story 12/18/06
  138. Mazda6 Club Hawaii: Toys for Tots Meet 12/23, 10AM @ NEX
  139. Personally, it's about time cars started looking their age. It's 2007 for g'sakes!
  140. Added by request...a cycle enthusiast section for you, the user!
  141. cycle pics
  142. Another Good Deed Well Done?
  143. Cars & Coffee?
  144. ATTN: Andy/Latka
  145. Have a question for the old time hotrodders/car junkies..
  146. Anyone recommend a good shop that replaces windshields?
  147. Finally! I've got a chance to get my car back up and running! SARD FPR!
  148. And so it begins...
  149. 380HP RE-A FD3S vs 600HP Skyline GT-R. Awesome.
  150. Must watch on SPEED tonight! Pinks 240SX vs Mustang!
  151. Toyota 2000gt
  152. Gas Cap or Gas Crap?
  153. Have an FB? Want an FD? WTF!!! Do this!
  154. ***The Official Mazda Spring BBQ - 07***
  155. Show your Toyota!
  156. I thought the domestic section was a little empty so
  157. Disposing of automotive stuff
  158. so ya heard?
  159. pulling a kawika?
  160. Buick GN's? WTF is up with the prices!
  161. Would you buy a new El Camino?
  162. Eddie Griffin wrecks a Enzo
  163. Engine Color
  164. Honda launches the Civic Type R sedan in Japan: FWD rarely makes me drool but...
  165. any w203 owners? c230 c240, etc.
  166. How fast have you driven?
  167. another dumb question
  168. GTFO
  170. Cool animation: LS2 assembly
  172. Dyno Testing (4wd)
  173. Driveshafts!
  174. Can anyone recommend a good towing company?
  175. Registering a car that's been in storage?
  176. title question...
  177. Did you guys see the 1967 LS1 in the OMAC section?
  178. Where to buy Falkens?
  179. Red Ferrari
  180. TPMS Woes
  181. mainland racing scene...
  182. Lamborghini Gallardo Bi-Turbo
  183. Driving around town with 2 SaleenS7 Twin Turbos
  184. KoenigSegg CCX
  185. The Audi Thread.
  186. evo owners group
  187. It's a wheel, not a rim.
  188. attn: Mrbkkt1
  189. remember about that thread
  190. For my fellow Rotary heads...this discussion is for you and your unique engine...
  191. Guy steals rental car for 6 months....
  192. $2 Million for a General Lee??
  193. Gumball 3000 2007
  194. Toyota Commercial
  195. the SKYLINE guy
  196. Jeezus...this is why you don't race on the highway at 110MPH.
  197. Post pics here of your rotary ride
  198. i got a Q that came to me in my sleep
  199. tint
  200. Chop Shop Busted with over 700 autos
  201. zoom zoom
  202. Best Rotary Pics
  203. I know I'm getting old
  204. Police Officers vs. IRL Driver
  205. Ultima GTR 800 bhp
  206. Back to Back to Back to Back 9's...
  207. Turbine Motorcycle
  208. Mini vs MINI vs 911 Carrera S
  209. Police Videos
  210. Jay Leno test drives Audi R8
  211. 2009 Toyota FT-HS aka Supra
  212. dodge ram trans help
  213. Check out this Craiglist Car Ad
  214. Last minute install party
  215. Looking for a motor!
  216. Tune by AMS
  217. Only Biofueled-powered Koenigsegg CCXR wrecked...
  218. Saw my first carrera GT
  219. need info!
  220. Looking for a Lincoln LS
  221. trans swap?
  222. The "Rotary Empire of Oahu Prefecture" Thread
  223. Does anyone here work for Scion Hawaii or Servco Toyota?
  224. welding
  225. Seef...if you get your FD running by June 3rd, can you show it?
  226. Mustang Madness in Kailua 5/20
  227. Removing a spoiler from 2000ish Celica
  228. Felix Wankel
  229. Hydrogen Rotary - Zero Emmisions
  230. So is anyone planning a 7-7-07 meet in hawaii?
  231. Just joined
  232. MK1 VW Golf w/ Turbo Busa Engine!
  233. Rotary Tuning Session Oahu! Introducing, Brian D. Cain! 09/2007
  234. Why doign your homework is important!!
  235. Rotors vs pistons
  236. Pagani - Jaguar - Ferrari - Porsche
  237. VW GTI... on ROIDS...!
  238. 1992 Bathurst 1000
  239. Pure Unadulterated Mazda 787B Audio.
  240. Wicked S.
  241. Delorean with a Wankel
  242. The engineering history of the rotary engine
  243. Dont know if this goes here....
  244. Hand Wipes..
  245. Lifted toys?
  246. harnesses and roll cages FYI
  247. Top 10 Douchebag cars
  248. info on Altezzas
  249. I found it on Ebay
  250. Bodykit Thread