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  1. Hoo...this dudes a monster...7ft, 320lb. monster!
  2. Woot! I just got my Playseat! This thing is awesome!
  3. New Stadium or Racetrack or both?
  4. For all you Quake/HL2/BF Clan members...I WAS START THIS CLAN1
  5. Movie: World's Fastest Indian
  6. Fun with Half-Life 2 Physics
  8. Suck...this game does not. Indeed, kick azz, it does...sorta
  9. Does anyone watch the Winter Olympics?
  10. I might not watch the Winter Olympics...but I bet this was interesting to watch.
  11. Date Movie
  12. Wow..this looks incredible...old skool 2D gaming fans eat your heart out!
  13. So...what's your favorite Classic game?
  14. New Bond Movie
  15. Next-Gen DVD Copy-Protection Debacle. Hollywood screws 3 million HDTV owners.
  16. Autistic Teen's Hoop Dreams Come True...
  17. X-MEN 3: The Last Stand...
  18. Crazy-azz music video.
  19. Badazz Christmas Rocker...definite must listen if you like Trans-Siberian Orchesetra.
  20. Kirk Hammett teaches you Master of Puppets.
  21. Ultraviolet
  22. Hall Of Famer Kirby Puckett Dies...
  23. Super Mario 64....in 16 Minutes.
  24. 100 "Best Damn" Sports Moments...
  25. Microsoft unveils the ultra-compact PC...
  26. Why Battlestar Galactica (on Sci-Fi) is the shiznit.
  27. Welcome to our club!
  28. Whats up for the next meeting...
  29. ROLL CALL!
  30. You ARE the last Starfighter! Remember the movie "The Last Starfighter"?
  31. PC Racing. "GT Legends"
  32. Photography
  33. Isaac Hayes quit South Park...
  34. CEL SHADED quiz game!
  35. Woah...Dell purchases Alienware?
  36. Puzzle Bobble
  37. PS3 delayed till November...
  38. Epic lightsaber fight...hah...Lucas better watch out!
  39. Welcome back, Kott...er...I mean...Ice Cube?
  40. I'm currently working on getting Street Fighter up...
  41. Wow....Windows XP running on the new intel based Macs...
  42. If you liked "GUN"...then you will probably like this...
  43. PS3 Biz Brief 06 Reports...
  44. When ES: Oblivion comes out, you might not see too much of me. *56k watch out!*
  45. Does anyone feel like a perv watching TFC?
  46. Discovery Kids show
  47. Spartan Warrior
  48. If you don't have a stiffy for this, you're not breathing. TD: Unlimited - Oahu!
  49. Alright...some of you peep's scores are ridiculous.
  50. Chrome Hounds
  51. Nintendo's Revolution will emulate NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, TG16 games!
  52. April 8th, 2006 meeting play list
  53. PSP - Untold Legends (heroes?)
  54. The new engine for Crysis...CryEngine2
  55. Pearl Jam - World Wide Suicide
  56. Anyone interested in doing a preliminary screening for Jeopardy?
  57. HIFF Film Festival...
  58. V for Vendetta
  59. Oblivion Humor. :D
  60. The Darkness: One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back
  61. Scary Movie 4: The trailer...it actually looks pretty hilarious.
  62. Incredible Two Legged Dog
  63. The New Cars
  64. Bin Ladin Liquor Store
  65. Japanese TV in Hawaii
  66. "Lucky Number Slevin"
  67. I finally beat all the rally races in GT3
  68. De-Animator Game
  69. Check out The Crud tomorrow at Detox Bar & Grill @ 9PM!
  70. Aerosmith's "A Little South of Sanity"...I'm missing out, apparently.
  71. JN music: Tube, circa 1990
  72. Tom Cruise had his kid.
  73. Armed Assault Video: Remake of Operation Flashpoint! *56k Watch Out!*
  74. The Burger King to be in video games? Shoot'em ups?
  75. Star Wars: Battlefront, eat your heart out...Galaxy At War Mod for OPF!
  76. Isn't it sad when some of your favorite entertainers die...
  77. "I am 8-Bit" Art contest...pretty badazz.
  78. Next meeting
  79. Man, Britney Spears is poppin' 'em OUT!
  80. Tool - 10,000 Days.
  81. Yuck. The new Nintendo console will be named... "Wii"
  82. Sci-Fi might create a Battlestar Galactica spinoff called "Caprica"
  83. Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia
  84. Posiedon: The Remake. Looks fantastic!
  85. Down in Fraggle Rock!
  86. 50 Cent takes aim at Oprah Winfrey.
  87. I'm gonna go see RV at 7:20 at Dole Cannery...
  88. Any ideas what type of game you guys want next?
  89. United Flight 93...go see it?
  90. Any NHL fans?
  91. I'm thinking of doing a tournament...with possibly a small prize for the winner.
  92. Can some one record the Aiea Kalani game on OC16?
  93. Superman Returns...hell yeaaaaah! Official Full Length Trailer!
  94. RIP Earl Woods, Tiger's Dad.
  95. What the...they're remaking "Revenge of the Nerds"!!!
  96. Another remake..."Clash of the Titans". Maybe I should make a remake thread?
  97. The Transformers: Live Action Movie!
  98. Lucas figures out how to make money again...releases the "original" versions of SW!
  99. THIS...is why you watch hockey. Damn.
  100. Family Guy: Stew-O
  101. Sometimes...a little Metallica goes a long way.
  102. MI:3 - Well worth seeing...
  103. Oooh...I didn't know this...Phil Anselmo was talking shiat about DD before his death!
  104. PS3 to cost 499-599!!! Holy crap!
  105. Gran Turismo HD - Droolworthy...
  106. Final Fantasy XIII - Next Generation is here!
  107. World of Warcraft to become a major motion picture!
  108. I guess Hollywood IS running outta ideas...Knight Rider coming to the big screen!
  109. Halo3 Trailer...looks pretty epic.
  110. For anyone interested...G4 will have live E3 2006 coverage at 3!
  111. DENSHA OTOKO ideas...
  112. SPORE. Will Wright is a freakin' genius. This game looks brilliant!
  113. The Wii is still a dumb name, but here's why Nintendo is going to take over the world
  114. Apparently, Nintendo kicked everyone's azz at E3. Sony & Microsoft got owned!
  115. Awesome PS3 video!
  116. I never saw this...but Fraggle Rock is coming to a movie theater near you?
  117. looking for a new video camera
  118. Lindesy Lohan in Sailor Moon?
  119. "The Davinci Code"
  120. X-Men: The Last Stand 7-minute trailer.
  121. Top 10 Strange Sport Scandals - Pretty Nutz
  122. Wie beats men in U.S. Open qualifier
  123. Knick's Brown is bye-bye. I'm not sure if he's doing the right thing.
  124. Sounds like the critics are out for blood on The Da Vinci Code...
  125. I was just looking at Rotten Tomatoe's Box Office Returns List...
  126. It's almost here...the suspense is killing me. S.R. 06.30.06
  127. Ghostbusters 3? Really?
  128. I added Zookeeper...does anyone mind a little Japanese?
  129. Finally...two of the greatest martial artists, in one movie!
  130. Family Guy: Joe can't handle his steak.
  131. Hard to believe Paul McCartney didn't have a pre-nup!
  132. Arkansas batter Brian Walker faking a hit...what a tard.
  133. Windows Vista Operating Requirements...
  134. League Bowling? Do strikes even exist!
  135. Titanic: Two the Surface
  136. Posiedon...was better than the critics said it was.
  137. Dog Chapman's 23-year old daughter dies before his wedding...
  138. The International Superman Trailer....
  139. The Da Vinci Code...
  140. Def Leppard - Yeah
  141. Clerks II.
  142. Over the Hedge
  143. Chick flicks bearable for guys to watch
  144. Ghost Rider International Trailer!
  145. Madame Tussauds newest wax figure is Britney Spears.
  146. Top 20 Comic Book Movies All Time!
  147. Anyone ever watch Hostel?
  148. Gameplay over Graphics? Which one do you really prefer?
  149. Woah. Total Annihiliation fans? Supreme Commander. Epic!
  150. Man...those English Football fans are nuts...banned from the events!
  151. Another Superman Returns Trailer...
  152. Introducing the Carson Palmer Cornhole Classic. WTF?
  153. I think this might actually look better than FNF3...Redline. Cheese Factor = High.
  154. I didn't know Godzilla was going to be in Superman Returns...
  155. Finally, a reality show worth watching
  156. Masterpiece Edition Starscream...ultimate geek droolworthiness.
  157. VH1 Rock Honors
  158. Lara Croft is hot
  159. Korgoth of Barbaria on Adult Swim - I loved the premiere episode.
  160. The Famliy Guy - "A-Ha -Take on Me" skit...teh funney!
  161. Jeez...this is simply gaming gone wrong. Christian-themed RTS game.
  162. Game Critics Best of E3 Winners
  163. New gameplay images of Will Wright's incredible Spore.
  164. Seagull gets nailed by pitch!
  165. Transformers: The Movie Re-Release by Sony, plus some new TF remakes. Megs is a GUN!
  166. "The Omen"
  167. Miami Heat or Dallas Mavericks
  168. Street Fighter - "Kimbo"
  169. Kinda sad...an Online RPG funeral gets ambushed. Video...
  170. Looks like Cars is pretty good...I'm gonna go see this, methinks.
  171. Forza Motorsports
  172. Dazed and confused
  173. Video Clip from Rocky 6: Rocky Balboa, plus a pic!
  174. The Transformers: Live Action Movie Teaser One Sheet
  175. Company of Heroes.
  176. Welps...the US still sucks at Soccer. :(
  177. OH NO!!! MIRAMAX...
  178. Uwe Boll challenges his critics to a fight. No kidding.
  179. Big Ben injured.. again..
  180. Lucas Wants Connery for Indiana Jones IV!!!
  181. One of my friends saw Superman Returns...here's his review of it...spoiler free!
  182. Resurrecting Marlon Brando for Superman Returns...
  183. Heeeeyyy...Spielberg to direct "World of Warcraft"!
  184. Metallica playing ORION at the Rock AM Ring...
  185. Wow...the critics absolutely slammed "Click".
  186. Baseball Manager practically has a conniption!
  187. Robin Williams as The Joker? Batman Begins 2? Oh...that'd be fantastic.
  188. Spiderman 3: Teaser Trailer.
  189. Armed Assault TrackIR video...pretty freakin' cool.
  190. Superman Returns was pretty damn awesome.
  191. Sony Vaio to have flash drive instead of hard drive.
  192. Sneak peek at one of the Transformers! SPOILER!
  193. George Bush sings "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
  194. Super Text Twist
  195. South Park Scientology episode up for Emmy.
  196. More scoop on Transformers from AICN! Schweet!
  197. Stevie Ray Vaughn breaks a string on stage.
  198. The Transformers Movie is going to suck, apparently.
  199. Hahah...Battlefield 2 Mockumentary! Hilarious.
  200. WTF? Jackie Chan gets drunk, acts like an azz at a concert.
  201. Trailer for Rocky 6: Rocky Balboa...the new trailer, not the teaser.
  202. I played Prey, and just about puked my guts up.
  203. 6 Hours of some of the most amazing Trance...a must listen.
  204. Famous Kids - Hah! Tom Hanks looks cool.
  205. Pirates of the Caribbean
  206. The Venture Bros...Season 1. Absolutely hilarious.
  207. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes IV! CGI!
  208. In case you missed it..the AFI Life Award for Sean Connery...videos.
  209. Joel Siegel walks out on screening of Clerks II. Pandomonium ensues, audio included!
  210. Transformers: Official Movie Thread - Come here for answers!
  211. Big revelations about the new Battlestar Galactica season!
  212. Just saw Clerks II.
  213. GTR2: FIA GT Racing Demo! A must drive! *56k*
  214. Mako, 72 passes; Actor Opened Door for Asian Americans
  215. Breaking Benjamins Video: Diary of Jane
  216. Wow...Landis is suspended for steroids!
  217. Company of Heroes is awesome.
  218. Mel Gibson.
  219. live for speed anyone???
  220. Jamie Kenney's Blowin' Up.
  221. Star Trek Inspirational Posters.
  222. "Miami Vice"
  223. Any Stores in Hawaii selling D1GP for PS2?
  224. Anyone want a Gundam?
  225. Online space game, circa 1996
  226. I never knew...that Michael Clark Duncan was in Friday.
  227. Metallica: The Other New Song
  228. what sports have you done?
  229. Ha ha...Team Fortress 2 looks great!
  230. Forza Motorsports 2 physics trailer.
  231. First Forza 2 Screenies!
  232. Arcade Tournament #1 - Prize: HT T-Shirt! Congrats to KPseoul!
  233. Wii / PS3 video!
  234. Hmm...I guess the highest score you can get with Slingo...
  235. Island Mini Golf
  236. Casino Royale Trailer: The new Bond...looks interesting.
  237. I want to work at Digital Domain. These guys are amazing...
  238. "The Protector"
  239. Nintendo Wii - $250 buckaroos - November 19th - Comes with a Game.
  240. Transformers: Cool video of Grimlock & Scavenger
  241. Gran Turismo HD -Sony is insane - $456-975 for a complete game!?!
  242. Sony Cuts Price of PlayStation 3 to $410
  243. Wow. The new Logitech G25 Steering Wheel is amazing!
  244. PS3 Games to cost 100 dollars? It's a possibility.
  245. Polish them rockets now...and swallow those pills
  246. Super Mario: Son of a Peach!
  247. I always knew these guys were gay...now I know.
  248. Madden NFL 2007 on Wii looks pretty awesome!
  249. Classic Abarenbo Shogun! On tonight...who watches it?
  250. Battlestar Galactica Premiere...wow...it was fantastic.