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  1. Last Thursday's meeting
  2. Someone Confirm Pls
  3. An interesting tidbit from Mr.Oakland concerning the racetrack...
  4. Mar. 22 Kapolei Board Meeting
  5. Capitol Rally @ The Honolulu State Capitol March 24, 2006 @ 4:30
  6. NEW IMAGE OF HMC's NWC facility
  7. i got an idea
  9. Mar. 27 meeting at Kapolei HS
  10. Capitol Rally @ Hawaii State Capitol April 9th, 2006 11AM-1PM
  11. The Importance of Legislative Bills SB1734 & HB994...A video for the new WCF.
  12. Front Page Today
  13. Send in your support for HB994 & SB1734!!!
  14. More S.O.R.T stuff
  15. URGENT - Time sensitive - We need YOUR HELP! Save the World Class Racing Facility!
  16. Listen to AM30...Mike Oakland discussing the track with Sen. Hanabusa & Sen.Slom
  17. Today's Advertiser article and info about the new world class racing facility.
  18. Looks like Sen. Hanabusa is a very conflicted person...
  19. Mahalo to everyone that supported the State Capitol Cruise!
  20. Attention! Time for the hearing of SB1734!
  21. condemnation
  23. FYI: New Hawaii Motorsports Center PreDevelopment Planning Notes
  24. A thread I think everyone should read...regarding compromise, dignity, and respect.
  25. Sunday's Honolulu Advertiser Article...a very informative read.
  26. lets get some answers
  27. HRP Relocation Timeline, the push for Parcel 9 continues...a flash timeline.
  28. 2007 -OMAC Meeting Minutes - Updated - Mar 6, 2007
  29. HRP Relocation Timeline, the push for Parcel 9 continues...a flash timeline.
  30. FYI: City & County of Honolulu DPP report to Resolution 06-122, Mar 15, 2006
  31. Welcome to the OMAC Public Discussion Forum! READ!
  32. Minutes from OMAC Meeting with Linda Chinn - May 25th, 2006 at DHHL
  33. Email sent to Linda Chinn, DHHL, Thursday May 25, 2006
  34. OMAC DHHL minutes
  35. Mayor Hanneman's opinion on a racetrack on Oahu
  36. Minutes From 2nd Meeting
  37. Official OMAC Logo
  38. New Website Links...www.buildthetrack.com
  39. Build The Track! Stickers now available! For free!
  40. What is OMAC?
  41. Make sure to check out the OMAC Article in the Honolulu Advertiser today!
  42. Have questions? Then ask here!
  43. Irongate Realtors' response to query on disposition of Hawaii Raceway Park
  44. Who are the Oahu Motorsports Advisory Council Representatives?
  45. ANYONE listen to KSSK radio this morning?
  46. FYI: SCCA Trial Runs at Aloha Stadium
  47. Mayor Mufi Hanneman's response to query on Hawaii Raceway Park.
  48. Thank you to Roger Daniels & Fred Hemmings on Equal Time for having us!
  49. Inouye doesn't expect carrier in Isles
  50. Waihee
  51. neighborhood board meeting..
  52. PASHA - DHHL - KALAELOA - 2005
  53. hey MO...............................
  54. Dirt Track at Sand Island???
  55. A big thank you to Beverly Tate for assisting OMAC...
  56. The Parcel 9 Project at Kalaeloa - Information
  57. Honolulu Magazine: Racing On The Streets - featuring Jensen Kona, by Noelle Chun
  58. New Track
  59. Drift Session might be at Aloha Stadium
  60. FYI: Relevant News Articles concerning the push for a racing facility on Oahu
  61. Anynews
  62. Race track over mass transit ( MUFI )
  63. NHB meeting?
  64. Short Course at HRP
  65. Makakilo/Kapolei Neighborhood Board Meeting and OMAC Presentation - Oct 25th, 2006
  66. OMAC Meeting with City Councilman: Nestor Garcia - November 16th, 2006
  67. OMAC @ Hot Import Nights this Saturday from 5 to 12! Check out booth 217!
  68. A huge Mahalo to every single person that stopped by the OMAC booth at HIN!
  69. Daimler Chrysler gives award to Pasha Group
  70. Race Track
  71. Tax credit? Economic Momentum?
  72. OMAC Meeting with Governor Linda Lingle - January 12th, 2007
  73. OMAC Meeting minutes?
  74. Leg. Hearing scheduled
  75. Come on down to the Hawaii Big Boys Show! OMAC's Winston West car will be on display!
  76. REH on the Travel Channel
  77. Brief Summary of Stadium Authority Meeting concerning Drifting - Feb 22, 2007
  78. Come check out OMAC at the First Hawaiian International Auto Show!
  79. Mahalo to all who visited OMAC's booth at the First Hawaiian International Auto Show!
  80. carrier decision same as 2000
  81. new web page for HRP?
  82. June 3rd: Build The Track! Motorsports Show @Aloha Tower! Need volunteers & vehicles!
  83. OMAC Build The Track! Motorsports Show Registration Form! ENTRANTS REGISTER HERE!
  84. Aloha Tower Marketplace has our June 3rd Show posted at their website!
  85. Saving HRP
  86. Our KPOI 105.9 spot...for the BTT! Motorsports Show, mucho props to VRE & KPOI105.9!
  87. Volunteer Meeting for Build The Track! Motorsports Show - Thursday, 6PM @ ATM.
  88. Check out today's Honolulu Advertiser's Cars Section, plus a typo correction!
  89. A huge Mahalo to everyone that participated in the Build The Track! Motorsports Show!
  90. BTT! Motorsports Show Photos
  91. Thank you for submitting your entry...please pay your reservation fee.
  92. 2007 July 4th Pearl Harbor Show N' Shine sponsored by OMAC!
  93. So what impact...
  94. ATTN: ArchangelX (mike)
  95. Race track in the paper today
  96. FYI: HRP Background Information + DPP Upzoning Approval to IMX-2
  97. FYI: OMAC's official stance on condemnation of HRP.
  98. Big Island race track holds a benefit
  99. Thank you to everyone that helped make this year's PH OMAC Show & Shine a success!!!
  100. Question about TWO private facilities on Oahu
  101. Any one see this?
  102. SORT
  103. Small status update on OMAC's push for a permanent racing facility.
  104. OMAC proposal to race temporarily at Kalaeloa Airport has been denied.
  105. Dept of Hawaiian Home Lands - Kane
  106. End of an Era - Beginning of a Nightmare
  107. OMAC @ the Blues on The Bay Air Show! - October 13th & 14th @ MCBH, Kaneohe Bay!
  108. Hawaii Raceway Park
  109. Help support the Super Ferry! Click here to find out how!
  110. Upzoning of HRP to Industrial Zoning passed. It now moves to the Mayor's Desk.
  111. FYI: Honolulu County Traffic Fatalities Statistics - 2002-2006
  112. Oahu Raceway!!!!!!!
  113. BuildtheTrack Christmas Cheer..
  114. Phi Theta Kappa
  115. Happy New Year OMAC!
  116. Date for the 2008 BTT! Motorsports Show has been set! Saturday, Jun 14, 2008!
  117. Parcel 9 inquiry... update
  118. OMAC 2008 Quarterly Meeting Minutes - Updated - Jan 31, 2008
  119. OMAC will be on "Night Time with Andy Bumatai", Friday February 08, 2008 @ 9:35
  120. OMAC will be meeting with DHHL & Russ Saito, State Comptroller on Friday, Feb 8th.
  121. OMAC/SORT Meeting with DHHL - Feb 8th, 2008
  122. "Night Time with Andy Bumatai" Youtube.
  123. Drag Racers... help?
  124. We need rides! Get your racecar featured in the paper!
  125. Poll for SB2190 and HB2574
  126. Volunteers Needed for June 14, 2008 Build The Track! Motorsports Show!
  127. Build The Track! Motorsports Show Sponsorship Packet: Interested Sponsors Click Here!
  128. Kalaeloa Raceway Park / Parcel 24
  129. Announcing the new Build The Track! Motorsports Show Website!
  130. The 2008 Build The Track! Motorsports Show! Saturday, June 14! Registration Closed!
  131. Clarification of OMAC’s Position in the Motorsports Community
  132. Build The Track! Motorsports Show Pre-Sponsor Flyer!
  133. Build The Track Motorsports Show Banners! Link Us!
  134. FYI:P-24 Track Design
  135. Ouch, that's gonna hurt
  136. DS Drifters Meeting - Kalaeloa Raceway - Flamingos, Thursday April 24th @ 7PM
  137. Firestone Tires wants you! Get a sponsored set of new tires for your vehicle!
  138. Do you want to race again? Do you want a track? Read this!
  139. Build The Track! Personal Invitation to City Council & State Legislature - Sent
  140. 2008 July 4th Pearl Harbor Show N' Shine sponsored by OMAC!
  141. The 2008 July 4th Pearl Harbor Show N' Shine -OMAC-
  142. Volunteers for July 4th Show (SUPER EASY SETUP!)
  143. Mike....
  144. BTT show goes national
  145. 2008 July 4th Pearl Harbor Show & Shine Photos sponsored by OMAC. 56k WARNING!
  146. Any candidates for Mayor support OMAC?
  147. I heard some interesting news
  148. KRP HCDA Presentation set for September 3rd, 2008!
  149. Parcel 9 going up in flames!
  150. KRP Track Presentation to Makakilo/Kapolei Neighborhood Board - Wed, Sept 24th @7PM
  151. HCDA Meeting Minutes, Sept 3, 2008 - KRP Presentation
  152. What's the word?
  153. Announcing Kalaeloa Raceway Park's First Event - Rally X Hawaii!
  154. Photos of Kalaeloa Raceway Park
  155. 2009 Build The Track! Motorsports Show Flyer
  156. Build The Track! Site has been revamped...
  157. Kalaeloa Raceway Park - CLEAN UP DAY! Starting at 9AM, February 21 & 22nd, 2009 @ KRP
  158. Register for the 2009 Build The Track! Motorsports Show - Saturday, June 20th, 2009
  159. Volunteers for The Road Runner Build The Track! Motorsports Show - June 20th, 2009!
  160. Volunteers for The Road Runner Build The Track! Motorsports Show - June 20th, 2009!
  161. 2009 Road Runner Build The Track! Motorsports Show TV Commercial!
  162. BTT Volunteer Meetings - Pick one - 10th or 17th @ 6:30PM - Hooters (Free Grindz)
  163. BTT Volunteer Meetings - Pick one - 10th or 17th @ 6:30PM - Hooters
  164. Garage JS4KIX will be presenting 5 Custom-Painted Trophies by Mike Quering!
  165. Win an XBOX 360 in the PC Gamerz Racing Tournament!
  166. Only 5 more days till the 2009 Road Runner Build The Track! Motorsports Show!
  167. Road Runner Build The Track! Motorsports Show Radio Spot!
  168. A big thanks to Rui, Erica, Leo & Family...
  169. Just picked up the programs from Aiea Copy Center. They look *****in!
  170. Volunteer Work Schedule for BTT09 - Please view if you're volunteering.
  171. Thanks to Mike K and OMAC for a great BTT Show!
  172. 4th of July Show n Shine at Pearl Harbor
  173. Pssssst..... OMAC
  174. Kapolei Raceway, LLC purchases HRP.
  175. Registration for the 2010 Build The Track! Motorsports Show is now open!
  176. KRP Open House & Status Update! Saturday, Aug 28th from 10AM to 2PM!
  177. KRP Sand Drags - Sunday, Sept 26th, 2010 from 8AM to 4PM
  178. Eviction of Kalaeloa Raceway Park? Support KRP!
  179. Big Island