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12-06-2006, 05:28 AM
hey im in india - im 17 and i drive a ****in maruti 800 - google it
i live in wid my parents and earn the equivalent of $4 a week... lol thats how our currency is... so im not rich,...
i love to drive - i mastered spinnin my wheels and turnin wid the handbrake my self... .sure lotta ppl can do that...lol
i love drifting - and i even tried out many techniques off of the net... didnt werk... my frnd sez i need a new car - not a 11yr old family car...lol
so help me god!

12-06-2006, 12:05 PM
Hahah...Hiya Fat Kax...looks like one more for our international community. A Maruiti 800...yeaaah. Plus 1 for the FWD econoboxes! Honestly, that seems like a really small car, with probably some interesting weight distribution (probably a little top heavy). My advice is that you should look into how the FWD drifters do it...the RWD techniques probably wouldn't apply so much.

We've got a really good FWD drifter and he's able to sustain his slides quite well. Probably something you should look into...if you're interested in getting better.

It's great to meet you, and thanks for becoming a part of the forums. If you've got any questions or suggestions, please feel free!