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05-14-2006, 10:29 AM
Hi. Found this site and haven't really got to look around yet.. but one thing I do notice right away is the smiley section.. and you guys have some of the best! :spank: :suitdance: :jedi1: <---my favorite!!! ME-->:newbie:

05-14-2006, 11:00 AM
Hahah...thanks. Gotta love smileys, they make the world go round! Welcome to the site, we're pretty new, and we're still growing, but it's going well. Take a look around, play some games, check out the gallery, post some photos of your car (if that's your Supra in your sig, it's f'ing sweet!), and have a good time.

If you've got any comments or suggestions, please feel free. Lataz! :urlaub:

05-14-2006, 02:28 PM
Hello :newbie:

05-14-2006, 04:07 PM
Welcome to the boards, time to initiate you!:D

05-14-2006, 04:32 PM
I'll grab the duct tape, tar, & feathers... :spam2:

Kamakura kid
05-14-2006, 04:50 PM
Duck tape, not duct tape. Although these days its kinda pointless, they have a brand name now.

Oh yeah. Hi, RSKY! Welcome to HT.

05-14-2006, 06:45 PM
Hi, KK. I'm here from the Duck Anti-Defamation League... DAwDLe for short. It appears you're a card carrying member of AFDOPPA, the Association for the Destruction of Pond Animals. Our lawyers will be contacting you shortly.


Welcome aboard, RSKY- Nice Supra, eh!

05-15-2006, 06:59 PM
tar and feather? I haven't had that much fun since the army! :shakeit;

05-15-2006, 07:00 PM
Damn...he seems to enjoy things like that...we'll have to come up with something different.

:lightning: :Bolt: