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Hee_Haw 05-05-2014 10:52 AM

Your portfolio
Right now there are only four of us on the HT Stock Trader "playing"....and I was wondering,

what motivated your selection(s)?

Are they reflections of your real-life portfolio? Or things you like? Or random picks?

When I started playing, I used stock that our family portfolio consisted of, oil and misc utilities on the mainland. I realized it would stress me out to see what was really playing out on the market.

So I decided to have fun.

TASR; Taser International. The stun gun people making great strides not just with the weapons, but with accountability with their wearable camera system and "smart" weapon technology in the near future.

GPL; Great Panther Silver. Just a generic high bounce metals company. Very volatile.

HA: Hawaiian Holdings (Hawaiian Air). Been in our family for generations (dad, sister, brother). The only stock we own personally as well as in the "game".

I had another petroleum company where most of our little portfolio is hedged. It is doing good but has it's bad days too.

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