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one candidate flew out immediately and started pitching in passing out water and supplies.

the other candidate stayed home and plotted out a lawsuit to stall the election (ostensibly, "for the people of Puna").

the elections officer (Nago) probably either didn't think it through, or was pressured to push the election asap to the advantage (or detriment) of one of the candidates.

i suspect turnout will be low, since if it comes down to roof over your head and electricity or voting for someone you've got no stake in, most would choose to restore housing and utilities. I think law says that they have up to 21 days to figure out how to handle this - not sure what the big rush was unless it was no accident.
Highlighted your quote.

That's what I what's the hurry?

I wonder how they'd handle the elections if Honolulu was hit full blast by the hurricane. I think there are other things that would take precedence; like taking a hot shower, having a roof over your head at least one room, and being able to drive in and out for supplies and help.

I give full props to our responders and Red Cross volunteers. Let's help keep the supplies rolling so life can return to normal, as it has us here in nice comfy concrete Oahu, before we think of ballots and election due dates.

But rushing to a relief zone which didn't vote yet, for those two candidates, is a fine line between serving the constituency and desperation to get votes. Another gubernatorial candidate is there helping, but not sure of the motive....we cannot be judge and jury from yonder here in HNL. But it is good to see the effort to help; why can't the others be there to help too?
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