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Originally Posted by Hee_Haw View Post
Highlighted your quote.

That's what I what's the hurry?

But rushing to a relief zone which didn't vote yet, for those two candidates, is a fine line between serving the constituency and desperation to get votes. Another gubernatorial candidate is there helping, but not sure of the motive....we cannot be judge and jury from yonder here in HNL. But it is good to see the effort to help; why can't the others be there to help too?
ayup - something is fishy.

Hanabusa is (on the one hand) suing in court to delay the vote... while on the other she and her volunteers are canvassing puna with flyers offering free food and drinks for a chili dinner, rides to the polls on Friday, etc... (basically, bribing the voters). Sort of hedging her bets, is the way the news put it. Typical Hanabusa.

Schatz has been on the ground since (i think) Monday passing out food and water with family and volunteers and just helping people get back on their feet with needed supplies instead of promises of a chili dinner and free rides.

I think another legislator from honolulu district also went up to help on his own, too.
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