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Originally Posted by udown4sum4wheelin View Post
always thought about doing some parts…just too lazy.

if you have blemishes, scratches, clear coat peeling..and you "dip" it, will it soak under and possibly ruin the paint when you remove it?

Good question!

The places I dipped I don't intend to peel away....yet.

My hood and side mirrors have the clear coat peeling away and flaking...I will dip those and may try peeling away to see the impact it makes.

There's a YouTube video where they dipped an entire car with bad paint; the test car had some clear dip that had to be "peeled" away before the new color could be applied. The paint that the dip was over actually looked better than the undipped area, as though "dead" paint came off with the dip. I will look for the video.

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