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The neon tetra school, is not. Schooling, that is.

And we're down to 7 neons (from 12). Four of them died and were removed, one just disappeared, no body or even remains. And none of the fish seem capable of chomping it (the pleco arrived after the last fish went MIA)

Talked to my friend at the pet shop; he said that neons are kind of hit or miss; sometimes they will school nicely and sometimes they just do their own thing. He thought the danios (from Petco) would keep them schooled (because danios are hyper fish).

So, thinking of getting head-and-tail light tetras. Pretty good schoolers, not too expensive, and look pretty good. Just awaiting the okay to "invest" in a school of a dozen or so. We will see.

Tank is really clean! Good work little pleco.
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