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Exclamation FMPR Section Rules - All members, please read!

Hello Dear Members,

The Financial, Military, Political & Religious Discussion (FMPR) discussion was created to separate some of the more serious and intense topics that are commonplace and expected to occur on forums of this ilk. The FMPR section gives everyone a chance to interact on very touchy topics and prevent General Discussion (GD) from becoming too hostile.

Here, it should be understood, simply from the title of the section, that this is a place where people mean business. The reasons for most wars are due to the words in the title. That should tell you something. If you intend to participate in FMPR discussion, then you should be prepared for intense scrutiny as well as intense opininon, and most likely, intense opposition to your beliefs, even if they are about as sacred as they get.

Use this place to expand your ideas, your beliefs, to think out of the box, and to introduce yourself to new ways of thought. Or to see what others think of your ideas. But be prepared to know that, ultimately, not everyone has the same opinion.

To participate here you must be tolerant. You must have tolerance for other's ideas and views. You don't have to accept them as your own, and feel free to debate them all you want, but you must give them their due. All I ask is for a little bit of patience and understanding with your fellow member. Good, strong, healthy debates are great for the forum and that's the type of discussion we value here.

Above all else...Don't make it personal!

As always, please remember to comply with Site Rules & Guidelines, in particular, the following section:

1. Be courteous and use common sense when posting. Just because it is not listed in the forum rules, does not mean that it is okay to do. Vulgar remarks will be moderated strictly. Swearing should be kept to a minimum, and is not recommended. When in question, the forum administrators/moderators will make the final decision.

2. No personal attacks of any kind against other members will be tolerated! This includes, but is not limited to, vulgar profanity, harassment (sexual or otherwise), confrontational posts with malicious intent, racism, bigotry, stalking, or otherwise slander. ANY violation of this rule will result in the possibility of immediate banning after review. This board is for public use, and you should carry your conversations with respect and courtesy. We understand that the issues are not always black and white, and will try our best to work through issues as they arise.

Hawaii is known as the biggest melting pot of cultures in the United States. It is well known and appreciated for it's diversity. This community reflects that, and in no shape, fashion, or form will we support any disruptive behaviour that affects that balance. Remember to have Aloha in your heart, and your mind. There will be many times where your viewpoints will differ from those of another, even to the point of frustration. This forum is primarily for discussion and debate of a large variety of topics. It will serve you well to remember that you must approach all of this with an open mind, and discuss things with tact.
Mahalo for being a part of Hawaii Talks,

-The Hawaii Talks Staff

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