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Exclamation Become a Premium Member! Additional Perks & Exclusive Membership! Help Support HT!

Hello All,

Recently, and after the positive feedback located here, Donation Membership, Hawaii Talks has setup a Premium Membership for those of you that decided to donate to support Hawaii Talks.

To subscribe, simply go to User CP - Edit Options - Paid Subscriptions

These "Premium Memberships" are for supporters of Hawaii Talks with perks & benefits unavailable to the normal member. These donations are used ONLY to pay for server, maintenance & future upgrade fees. If there are remaining funds left over, they will be put back into the forum through special community events, HT parties, giveaways, and any unique situations that may warrant it.

This is not to make HT a "Pay Site", rather it is intended to give a large "Thank You!" to those of you that have, will, and continue to donate in support of the forum.

There are three levels of Premium Membership, and they are categorized by length of subscription. Our subscription payment system is verified and secure through Paypal, but we will accept cash or checks if you prefer. They can be setup for one time only, or recurring.
  • - Gold - 1 Year or More Subscription - Current Rate - $20 per year.
  • - Silver - 6 Month Subscription - Current Rate - $10 per 6 months.
  • - Bronze - 1 Month Subscription - Current Rate - $4 per month.

All Gold (1-Year) Subscriptions will receive an official HawaiiTalks T-Shirt as seen below:

T-Shirt Front

T-Shirt Back

Each subscription is given access to the same features as the other levels, but the period of time is shorter. The following features are added for Premium Level Members:

Major Perks:
  • Access to private Premium Member Discussion. Premium Member Discussion
  • Usernames are in bold blue.
  • Depending on your membership level, you will have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze star next to your username.
  • Access to PM-Ad Free Style (No advertisements or events banner!)
  • Avatars can be 170x170 with max file size= 65535kb (Normal= 100x100x30720)
  • Access to Living Avatars: Construct avatars 170x170 with no file size limit (Example).
  • File Xplorer - 250MB Storage space for files
  • File Xplorer - 250MB Download Per Day Limit
  • Photopost Gallery Storage = 10MB (Normal =5)
  • No Google Ads shown.
  • Special Access to AboutToday Newsreader Service with RSS from CNN, Yahoo, MSNBC, etc.
  • Can Move Own Threads
  • Larger PM Box = 500 message storage capacity, (Normal=100, HT Habitual User=200, HT Addict= 300)
  • Private Messaging: Quick Reply Box for PMs enabled!
  • Can PM 5 Recipients at a time (Normal=1, HT Habitual User=2, HT Addict=3)
  • Can Deny PM Read Receipt (Normal=No, HT Habitual User=No, HT Addict =Yes)
  • Arcade: Access to server intensive Premium Member Games
  • Calendar: Can Post Events (Normal=No, HT Habitual User=No, HT Addict =Yes)
  • Calendar: Can Edit Own Events (Normal=No, HT Habitual User=No, HT Addict =Yes)
  • Calendar: Can Delete Own Events (Normal=No, HT Habitual User=No, HT Addict =Yes)
  • Classifieds: Can post 6 Ad images (Everyone else = 3 images)
  • Classifieds: Free Bold, Italic, & Underline Classifieds (Normally, $ .75 cents )
  • Classifieds: Ability to Move, Edit, And Delete Ads.
  • ICash, IBank, Casino - 5,000 Points plus occasional monthly bonuses (Must PM HTAdmin to receive).
  • Radio and TV: PMs can add / delete / edit own stations
  • Radio and TV: Create their own list of Favorite stations
  • Radio and TV: Report broken / duplicate stations
  • Photobucket: Easily add photos to your threads and posts from your Photobucket account!
  • Imageshack: Easily add and upload photos your threads and posts using Imageschack accont

Minor Perks:
  • Auto-Merge Posting Disabled (regardless of member rank)
  • Can See Amount of Own Profile Views by other members
  • Can See Other's Profile Views
  • Can Delete Own Comments in Profile Comment System
  • Can Edit Own Comments in Profile Comment System
  • Can View Detailed Location Info for Users (Still unable to see Invisible)
  • Reputation: Can See Who Left User Ratings
  • Reputation: Can Hide Reputation from Others
  • Arcade: Can Host Tournaments

There will be even more Premium Member features added as time goes on, so this is more of a "current" list of perks and abilities given to our donaters.

Upon expiration of your Premium Membership, your account will be returned to it's Pre-Subscription state. You will not lose any data, only the abilities. For example, If your PM box has 500 messages stored then you will be unable to send or receive PMs untill you have deleted the appropriate amount. However, you will not lose anything upon the revert. For those of you that would still like to donate and remain anonymous, but do not care to have Premium Memberships, you may still do that. If you want to donate, have the Membership, but remain anonymous, please indicate this in a PM to me.

Hawaii Talks wants to thank you for support. Without you, this community is nothing and we just want to say thanks. We hope that these additional perks will warrant and provide you with a little extra satisfaction for donating to the forum.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or have problems with the subscription service, please Contact Us! or post within the Forum News, Rules & Discussion section.

Mahalo, and thanks for your support!

REMEMBER...this is only offered as a THANK YOU for those of you that do want to support HT. It is NOT a requirement, nor shall it EVER be a requirement to post here. Do not ever feel like you need to donate to be a part of our community. Joining our community is reason enough for all of us at HT to thank you for your membership. We sincerely appreciate your membership...that's enough.

-The Hawaii Talks Staff

Click Here to Subscribe!

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